Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sarah Nettleship, Kensington and Notting Hill

Here is an indenture from 1855 in which Sarah Nettleship leases some property in Brunswick Place, Upper Holloway, in London to Thomas Moss of Kentish Town. The document notes that the site is "intended to be numbered 3 Brunwick Place", suggestimg the area was under development at the time.

The site of the property now seems to have been lost under newer development: Brunswick Road has been re-named McDonald Road - but I can find no trace of Brunswick Place (even on older maps).

The site is close to Archway and the present day Whittington Hospital, seen in the map below as the Small Pox and Vaccination Hospital.

The venture must have been a success, as there is a further indenture dated 1856 to extend the lease on improved terms for Sarah.

Sarah Nettleship was the daughter of John Bayfield Nettleship (1781-1844) and Sarah Twiss (1784-1860). The family were from Hingham in Norfolk. The Wikipedia entry for Hingham notes that:
Grand architecture surrounds the market place and village green. In the 18th century when the socialites and high society built houses and took residence in Higham, it became fashionably known as “Little London.

After her father John's death in 1844, it seems that the property in Norfolk was leased out and the Nettleship family moved to London - first to 9 Addison Road in Kensington and later to St. James' Square in Notting Hill. There is a record that the family propoery in Norfolk was put up for sale by action in 1861.

Sarah did not marry and she died in 1886 at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, aged 73.

Any more information about Brunswick Place in Upper Holloway or about this Nettleship family would be most welcome please.

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